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Platform .NET
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A long time ago in a country far far away...

Episode VII: A dorky child who was gifted in the way of the code went on a journey to the great Uncle Sam to further his study. Little did he know his fate was intertwined with the Master of Web Development. Armed with PHP and C#, this Indonesian Cowboy wanders the west to help people with making websites.

Custom Application

Whether your need requires some good ol' PHP or an upscale C#, contact me so we can discuss about your need(s) further.

Web Skinning

I promise no websites were harmed during this writing. I specialize in skinning your current websites; whether it being a static or CMS-based site.

Stunning Support

In my ten years as a web developer, support has been baked pretty strong in my skillset. No matter if you are a novice or an expert on web development, I will talk your language.

Recent Works

Concussion v.2 Screenshot

Concussion v.2

One of our exciting projects done in Joomla! platform; first PHP platform that taught me MVC and OOP which is geared towards devs who crave for more security and structure

Harris Finley Bogle Screenshot


Harris Finley Bogle site was built using WordPress, one of my go-to CMS'. I have built a love-hate relationship with WP but mostly love

Route 66 Screenshot

Route 66

Another exciting project my team and I built using Drupal, a great CMS built in PHP targeted largely for big corporation

WDS Logistics Screenshot

WDS Logistics

WDS Logistics was designed in-house and everything is pure HTML + CSS (no CMS involved) with a sprinkle of PHP.